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Stamping press picking and placing

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    Syntec has developed a lot in stamping press picking and placing according to customer’s requests.
    The following are features of the arm software:
    -Supporting the instruction of the handheld box and driver

    -Built in instruction of reference point and modular programming of orders.
    -Supporting the terminal straight line for the correction of position
    -Providing security zone protection.

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Application of Lathe picking and placing

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    A Lathe is generally for the large amount of batches of workpieces. It usually needed someoneto pay attention to it and help loading and unloading materials and parts in time.
    With the increasing of labor costs and the decreasing of birth rate recently, the demand for factory automation becomes more and more obvious, and the government is also advocating the concepts of Al manufacturing, unmanned factories, or replacing human with robots, etc. Thus, lathe picking and placing, which is a rather boring thing to do, would be first considered to be substituted by machine now replacing human with robots is being promoted from place to place.
    It can be said that at this time, during this stage is the perfect moment for lathe picking and placing.


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